Dental Habits to Break in the New Year

Break Dental Habits in 2020 with Helpful Tips from Our Dentist in Wilmington, DE As the year comes to an end, resolutions are on the front of everyone’s mind and what they can do to make personal improvements in 2020. Resolutions can range from exercise to diet to...

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Dental Ups and Downs on Thanksgiving Meals

Thanksgiving is here! This holiday is filled with loved ones, both family and friends, as you enjoy and cherish the quality time this time of year. As you sit around the table full of delicious foods and drinks, we only ask you to keep your dental health in mind. Some...

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Tips for a Healthy Smile This Halloween

Protect Your Smile from Becoming Too Spooky with Our Wilmington Family Dentist With Halloween quickly approaching, it is important to remember your dental care routine so that your smile stays healthy this spooky season! Sugar can be bad for your teeth, so maintaining...

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Identify and Prevent Cavities

Learn how Dangerous Cavities can Really Be with Our Wilmington Dentist When you’re told that you have a cavity, all dental professionals will recommend that you have it taken care of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to busy schedules between work, friends, and...

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Back-to-School Dental Visits

Protect Your Family’s Smiles This School Year with Our Wilmington Family Dentist   School is back in session! While you’re helping your children get the best accessories and outfits, there’s something else that’s just as important – their smile! Your Wilmington family...

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Popular Foods that Stain Your Teeth

Your Dentist in Wilmington Shares Popular, but Harmful Foods and Drinks that Dim Your Smile   Everyone has a favorite meal, their go-to dish that brings them the comfort and warmth of their favorite day, a memory tied to the food, or something particularly fond that...

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Dangerous Dental Habits

Your Wilmington DE Dentist Explains how Certain Dental Habits are Dangerous for Your Smile You may not always realize how certain dental habits can affect your smile, but it’s important to realize the best ways to take care of your teeth and gums so you can keep your...

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Share the Dangers on No Tobacco Day

Stand Beside Your Dentist in Wilmington DE on No Tobacco Day to Save Your Smile   On May 31, health professionals around the world will be celebrating No Tobacco Day. It’s no secret that there are countless negative side effects to tobacco usage, but it’s still one of...

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month What is Oral Cancer? According to the American Cancer Society, oral cancer and oropharyngeal cancers affect about 53,000 people every year, with 10,000 of those being deadly cases. Oral cancer can appear as a sore or bump in the...

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Why Nutrition is Important for Your Smile

Why Nutrition is Important for Your Smile

Your Wilmington Dentist Shares Why Proper Nutrition Goes Hand in Hand with Your Smile When you brush your teeth every morning and night, you know that this is an integral part of your oral and dental health. Skipping this step can be dangerous and can allow bacteria...

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